Building materials direct from local quarries in Scotland.

Whether you need a standard, paint grade or Lightweight block, you can be assured of CE quality with a Precon block.

At our recently modernised plant in Coatbridge we manufacture a variety of sizes and strengths that are suitable for various uses and applications:
- External walls (above and below damp course)
- Internal walls
- Beam & block flooring

Our Blocks

Standard Dense: 100mm and 140mm in both 7N and 10.5N
Paint Grade: 100mm and 140mm in 7N and 10.5N strengths
Lightweight Block: 100mm and 140 in 7N strength
215mm 7N dense hollow block: Spacer bricks in 100m and 140mm
Trench and foundations blocks in 7N lightweight

Kerbs and Edges

Ask our sales team for information on new product ranges.

Bull Nose, Round top and flat top
Half battered radiused kerbs
Corners (internal and external)

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