We're proud of the work that we do.

Over the years we have carried out many restoration projects in our local areas and have picked up a few awards along the way too.

Dykefarm Quarry Nature Reserve

Following the successful restoration of the Dykefarm Quarry Nature Reserve, we were given the prestigious QPA Restoration Award. Having spent several years working steadily towards this goal, we were responsible for the restoration of several habitats and local agricultural land. This wasn’t just good for the environment and the local community, it looked a lot better too: the reduce in the landscape impact has made the entire area much more attractive. This scheme and our subsequent award was made possible by the relationship between our company and the local community through the Moffat & District Community Initiative.

Colzium Quarry

Patersons were also presented with a Restoration Award in 2005 following the reinstatement of a landfill site. This was on the site of the Colzium Quarry. Not only did we manage to put the site to much better use that its previous abandoned state, we actually built some new holes for the local golf course (these were to replace the ones which had to go following the extension of Beltmoss Quarry).

Restored area at Greenoakhill Landfill Site

Landfill has been reducing over the last couple of decades as more waste is recycled but it still plays an important role in waste management. There are still residual waste streams with no suitable alternative that need to be safely disposed of in this manner.

The site at Greenoakhill is operated to the highest environmental standards and uses the best technology available to harvest decomposition gases and use them to generate electricity.